Saturday, October 23, 2010


1) Because Allah has grant us a lot of ni'mah. 2) Allah has chosen us to be Muslim that why we have to worship Him. 3) It part of pillars of Islam. 4) To show our grateful to Him And so on and so forth. ALL OF THIS TYPE REASON ARE THE SECONDARY REASON OF WORSHIPPING ALLAH. The question now is what are the primary reason on why we have to worship Allah. To answer this we have to look back on the FUNDAMENTAL basis of our religion. The differ between Muslim and non Muslim are not because they do not believe in Allah. It is because they do not testify that there is no God"WORTHY" to be worship except Allah. This is the first phrase of "SYAHADAH"that Instantly made difference between Muslim and non Muslim. Don't we realise it? Yes, but how deep do we comprehend the phrase of SYAHADAH. We clarified by our own tounge that Allah is the one Who worthy to be worship and this are the "PRIMARY REASON Of WHY DO WE WORSHIP ALLAH." Therefore, all of the secondary reason such above should come after it as a support of the act of worship so that it will beautify by establishing that Allah is Al Karim(The Generous), Ar Rahman(The All Compassionate) Al Matin(The Forceful One), Ar Razzak(The Provider), Al Malik(The Absolute Ruler), Ar Rashid(The Righteous Teacher), Al Muhaimin(The Guardian), Al Musawwir(The Shaper of Beauty) Al Ghaffar(The Forgiving), Al Wadud(The Loving One). May Allah Grant Us Better Understanding. Wallahualam. Barakallahu Fekum Sheikh Yasir Qadhi - Why do we worship Allah.

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