Saturday, October 23, 2010


1) Because Allah has grant us a lot of ni'mah. 2) Allah has chosen us to be Muslim that why we have to worship Him. 3) It part of pillars of Islam. 4) To show our grateful to Him And so on and so forth. ALL OF THIS TYPE REASON ARE THE SECONDARY REASON OF WORSHIPPING ALLAH. The question now is what are the primary reason on why we have to worship Allah. To answer this we have to look back on the FUNDAMENTAL basis of our religion. The differ between Muslim and non Muslim are not because they do not believe in Allah. It is because they do not testify that there is no God"WORTHY" to be worship except Allah. This is the first phrase of "SYAHADAH"that Instantly made difference between Muslim and non Muslim. Don't we realise it? Yes, but how deep do we comprehend the phrase of SYAHADAH. We clarified by our own tounge that Allah is the one Who worthy to be worship and this are the "PRIMARY REASON Of WHY DO WE WORSHIP ALLAH." Therefore, all of the secondary reason such above should come after it as a support of the act of worship so that it will beautify by establishing that Allah is Al Karim(The Generous), Ar Rahman(The All Compassionate) Al Matin(The Forceful One), Ar Razzak(The Provider), Al Malik(The Absolute Ruler), Ar Rashid(The Righteous Teacher), Al Muhaimin(The Guardian), Al Musawwir(The Shaper of Beauty) Al Ghaffar(The Forgiving), Al Wadud(The Loving One). May Allah Grant Us Better Understanding. Wallahualam. Barakallahu Fekum Sheikh Yasir Qadhi - Why do we worship Allah.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


  • 3 main components of religion are Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Ihsan is benefit for Dunia and Akhera
  • 3 main components of insan are ruh, aqal and badan.
  • Ihsan linked to piety and righteous actions.
  • To increase the level of Ihsan it can be achieve by having and intention that purely for Allah and act in accordance to Sunnah.
  • Always remember about death.
  • Hadith meaning; all of son of Adam have a sins and the best among the sinner are the one who always repent.
  • Hadith meaning; worship Allah as if u see Him (Al mushahadah)
  • Hadith meaning: charity does not decrease wealth.
  • Allah said; u will not reach a pious until you give what u desire.
  • Define as to clean and purify from something filthy and to increase more in number.
  • Examples;
  • Zakat - to purify the wealth
  • Tazkiyah al nafs - to clean the soul and nourish the soul by increasing in good and praiseworthy characteristic.
  • Pre condition to enter Paradise : Allah has sworn that the one who purifies his souls will be successful.(Ash-Shams v9-10)
P/s; FORCE UR SOUL - the pain will bring at u at start but later will give u a joy in worshiping Allah

  • The reason Allah create evil so that people can judge what is good.
  • 6 type of Iblis traps ;
1) Shirk/Kufr - disbelief in Allah
2) Bidaah - iblis love it more than immorality because it harms the religion as well as the person. 3) Al Kabair - the major sins such adultery drinking alcohol,gambling etc.
4) Al Saghaarir - the minor sins example such someone continue do sins without repentance.

4 conditions of repentance :
  • choose not to repeat the sins
  • regret during doing the sins
  • firmly not repeat the sins
  • seeking forgiveness from Allah
5) Distracting mankind with the permissible action.
- i.e reciting Quran during people are doing congregational pray.
6) Making him prefer to doing the lesser rewards are compare to greater rewards.


1) Hadith meaning; The strong person is not he who overcomes others with strength, rather it is him who control him in the face of anger.
2) Allah said; Remember Him when you forget.
3) "Tongue is the head of heart"

1) Prophet saw: " If what u say about ur brother is true, u are guilty of backbiting(mengumpat) but if what u say is concerning him is not true, u are guilty of slandering(menfitnah) him" ( Muslim)
2) Abu Hurayra said: "One of you sees the dust in his brothers eyes but fails to see the crud in his own"

1) Define as tale carrying
2) Hadith meaning: " The one who carries tales will not enter Paradise"
3) 6 things to deal with Namimah;
  • - not believe in the tale (Allah says; O you who believe, when a sinner comes to you with news, verify it)
  • - give counsel and advise (Allah says; And command the good and forbid the evil)
  • - hate the sin and the perpetrator (Allah says; And command the good and forbid the evil)
  • - maintain the best expectations (Allah said;keep away from much suspicion for some suspicion is sin)
  • - Avoid suspicion and tajassus (Allah says; And do not spy)- Desist from spreading it further
  • Hadith from Aisha; Aisha(RA) was 15 years old follow the Prophet (SAW) to Madinah. Aisha(RA) being accused by Abdullah Ibn Ubai which known as father of musyrikin. The justice of Aisha(RA) was revealed by Allah in Surah AnNur. The Surah contains of 64 verses and revealed in Madinah.
4) Moral of story; The truth path has already being revealed by Allah and we have being bless that to know the word of Allah by doesn't have to learn Arabic language. But nowadays we still didn't read the Quran in our language. We shouldn't blame other because of our confusing but then we should find ourself about the truth path by back to our guidance book. "READ QURAN TRANSLATION"

1) Envy eats away good deeds like fire eat away woods. HR Abu Dawud and
2) Cause of envy ;
  • enmity and hatred
  • low self-esteem
  • pride and arrogance (Al-Zukhruf 43:31)
  • astonishment (Al-Mukminun 23:34&47)
  • fearing of losing of one's own aims
  • love of leadership and status
  • impurity in the soul3)
3) Battling and cures envy:
  • actions defying natural envy
  • dua for the one you envy
  • seek refuge in Allah from Hasad
1) Describe in Al-Tawbah 9:119
2) Many scholar considered lying is major sins (Al-Nahl 16:116-7)3)
3) Types and cause;
  • lying about Allah (Al-Nahl 16:116-7)
  • lying for profit ( Business men are sinner because they take oaths and then they break and they lie when they speak ;HR Ahmad and Al HAKIM)
  • lying for entertainment (Woe to those who speak and lie to make people laugh.Woe to them.Woe to them ;HR Abu Dawud an At Tirmidhi
  • lying-in the reporting information
P/s: There is type of lie that allow in Islam such as lie for not making your spouse feel upset to you such when they ask "am I fat"

4) Prevention and Cure;
  • increasing remembrance Of Allah
  • know the virtues of truthfulness (Ali RA said, that I was to fall from the sky is more beloved to me than to lie)
  • fear the punishment of Allah
  • know the consequences of falsehood
  • reflect on the character of Prophet saw
  • realise that a lie requires further lies to cover it
  • seek refuge from Allah
- Riya'-
1) Define as human did a deed in order that men might see it (Al Nisa'4:38)
2) Types of Riya';
  • with respect to one intentions(desire for praise n rewards, weak intention seeking Allah rewards)
  • with respects to the essence of the act of worship
  • with respect to the reason of showing off3)
3) Curing Riya';
  • recognizing of the presence of riya'(hidden shirk)
  • concealing good deeds(increase good deed in private)-FIGHT URSELF
  • knowledge of the dangers of riya'
  • questioning one's intention
  • hide the good deeds like hide the sins
  • always bounce the first intentions that comes into UR heart which is Purely based on Nafs
  • always read Quran so that it purify UR intentions
-Love of this World-
1) Wealth should be in your hand not in your heart.
2) Allah define wealth in Surah Al-Anfal8:28
3) Wealth can be benefit;
  • to facilitates worship
  • to spent on others
  • to utilised for public benefit
4) To fight against this, people should look upon the others that lack or lower than it have compare to you.

1) Allah defines it in Surah al-Nisa 4:37
2) Two types of Bukhl;
  • - Bukhl against Shariah (refuse to give Zakah or supporting his dependants
  • - Bukhl against meritorious character (refuse to give charity)
3) Curing Bukhl:
  • be generous to people,so that Allah will be generous to ourself
  • avoid excessive love of this Dunia
  • misers are not liked
  • Hadith meaning: ' O my people convert to Islam bcos Muhammad gives charity as a man who does not fear poverty
1) The believers are but brothers Surah Al-Hujrat 49:10
2) Hadith meaning: ' The gates of jannah are opened on Monday and Thursday and every worshipped is granted forgiveness if he does not associated anything with Allah in that worship. But not for those who have hatred in their heart against of other brother.
3) Preventing hatred amongst the Muslims:
  • one should avoid expressing satisfaction at another hardship- avoids actions that excite suspicion or doubt- have mutual love for each other4) Curing Oneself of Hatred:- Islam encourage mutual loves- dua's for he one he hates- dua's for divine assistance- actions that defy his hatred
Syeikh Abu Abdissalam-Al-Kauthar 16-17 Oct 2010